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Born in 1977 to a poor, working class family Joe dragged himself through life in-spite of, rather than because of his family.


His earliest childhood memory is screaming as a camera was pointed at him for yet another family portrait... a portrait of working class life, of despair, or solitude (as far as he was concerned). This scarring that occurred early in his life made him want to become that person behind the camera, inflicting the pain on others. And so, against all odds he bought his first camera at the age of 11. He earned the money by himself in ways that really can't be spoken of. He smiles when he remembers those days. He rarely smiles.


Joe found himself homeless at age 14. But, not one to be defeated, he even managed to turn this to his advantage. "It was easier back then", he says explaining living on the streets in the early 90's "there were more of us on the streets and, in a weird way, people cared more for us back then. Nowadays they just try to move you on to different areas, we become 'someone else's problem'".

"I had my camera, and I used it. This is where I found my love for other people - not to interact with, you understand, but to watch and to photograph. I kept myself very much to myself, but my camera became it's own entity; following people and analyzing people."



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